HVAC Basics for New Homeowners

Having a house of your own could give you security and affection in the new environment you choose. Being a homeowner is an exciting experience, you can do anything you like in your home, have some stuff to make your life more comfortable but this also comes with responsibilities. Here are some tips in caring for your air conditioning system that will be able to save you money on the long run.

No one wants to worry on their air conditioning system in their new home so in order to attain this, you will need to understand the basics of air conditioning, routine maintenance, saving money and looking for sign of trouble. That will help you in caring for your unit.

Know your HVAC system

In the market, there are many varieties of HVAC systems; there are geothermal, mini splits, boilers, furnaces and pumps.

Heat pumps:

It comes in different types but always use the same principle. It doesn’t burn fuel to generate heat making it unique in operation unlike other types of HVAC systems, it only transfers heat from one point to the other point. Due to the characteristics of heat moving from hotter region to colder one, it is possible. Being the new owner, you can choose if your heat pump will be an air source, absorption or ground source.


A gas furnace might be a burner, ductwork, vent or a heat exchanger. This type of HVAC uses both electricity and gas, furnace is a long-lasting and could last up to 25 years. One disadvantage of this system is that its filter is getting dirty during winter but the problem could easily be resolved by changing the air filter.


This type of HVAC produces heat by chemical reaction of fuel in oil form, natural gas which is in the tank and coal. One famous advantage of boilers is that it could heat up the house very well and its heat is more comfortable than the heat from other systems.

Mini splits:

This system is quite easy to install. This is because they do not need ducts in transferring the heat, thy are connected to both outdoor and indoor units with the use of a conductor.


It is a new source of heat to homes with the use of latest technology in the industry of HVAC. Its heat energy could be stored for later use and it is an environment friendly.

Routine maintenance:

Each of the types of HVAC systems has its own way of maintenance but all of the system should be cleaned regularly, getting rid of the dusts and debris for more efficient use of your HVAC system. Doing regular checks could also help to avoid more problems in the future.

Saving money:

You could save money by keeping all the curtains and blinds closed.  Make sure to keep a low heat during summer to decrease your HVAC bills. Choosing a programmable thermostat could also help you in saving money with its self-regulating function rather than changing the thermostat setting frequently.


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